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Developing Science Skills

UFR Code: 731
The activities in this science resource have been written for students who are new to working in a science lab and are developing their science skills

In section A the activities are intended to help students become oriented to the science lab and to the nature of science education. The content of this section covers:

• what science is
• how scientists work
• scientific method
• identifying, finding
• and drawing equipment
• lab safety issues
• dangers in the science lab
• group work
• following instructions in the lab
• maintaining books or folders

Section B is skills based also aimed at students who are working in a science lab for the first time. Worksheets contain clear illustrations and step-by-step instructions for students to work independently. The content of Section B covers:

• basic lab skills
• separating techniques
• measuring
• acids and alkalis
• salt preparations
• light
• electricity
• magnetism
• chemical and physical changes
• food tests
• gases and how they behave

All worksheets are self-contained and set out procedures, equipment needs, safety considerations and extension ideas.
The activity pages included in this resource can be photocopied and arranged for student orientation. They are then ready for use by new students and could be used as a class set.

Teachers may prefer to use selected individual activity sheets which can be run off and used in the classroom as desired.
Many of the activities could also be used with older students at the beginning of a new year, to reinforce important ideas and procedures.

Developing Science Skills

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UFR Code 731
Number of Pages 88
Author George Hook and Jean Stanbury
ISBN 978-1-927172-15-5
Year Published 2011
Age Age 10–12, Age 12–14
Keyword N/A

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